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The Fox Innovation Lab’s mission is to shape the future of entertainment through the advancement of next-generation technologies, working closely across all 21st Century Fox film and television divisions, as well as with leading technology partners.

As Hollywood’s pioneering research hub, the Lab tests technologies with consumers throughout the development process to obtain qualitative data and hands-on feedback in order to bring innovative and premium products to market.


Collaborating to Push the Boundaries of What Technology Can Offer



4K High Dynamic Range

Redefining Premium Home Entertainment

Fox is committed to bringing consumers the best in picture and sound with 4K Ultra High Definition with High Dynamic Range.

Initiated by Fox and Samsung as a pilot project, the format is now standard across the industry.


HDR10+ Certification

Creating The Best Possible Viewing Experience

This licensing and certification program signified by the HDR10+ logo represents a technological step forward in home entertainment.

With HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping, every scene is individually color-enhanced bringing to life vibrant visuals and delivering unprecedented picture quality that matches the intention of the filmmaker. Look for products containing the HDR10+ compatible logo.


Natural Language Processing

Exploring The Ability Of Intel’s Artificial Intelligence Engines To Derive Sentiment Analysis Around Social Campaigns

Utilize large scale natural language data mining to derive sentiment analysis for specific IP to influence future creative decisions.


Ushering In The Next-Generation Of Immersive Entertainment

A partner of the Fox Innovation Lab, FoxNext is driving next-generation storytelling bringing groundbreaking interactive and immersive experiences to fans around the world.


Artificial Intelligence

Leverage Microsoft’s Machine Learning Capabilities To Develop Multi-Language Subtitle Synchronization Across Film Assets

Ability to streamline translations through Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to achieve efficiencies across multiple languages.

xR Exploration

Exploring The Repurposing Of Creative And Technical Assets Across Multiple Mediums

Leveraging leading platforms such as, ODG, MS HoloLens, Windows Mixed Reality, Apple ARKit, and Google CoreAR, to conceptualize and expand content consumption channel.

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